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Category:Electronic design automation softwareDuckDuckGo Search Engine: It's a search engine, but also a web browser, a maps app and a personal assistant. Plus it has one of the most stylish logos out there. Why: DuckDuckGo is built on an innovative philosophy: let users decide how their information is used. I use it as my search engine because I trust its privacy principles, but I also use it because it's just so damned beautiful. Screenshot: DuckDuckGo 11. Pinterest Search Engine: It's a social network that takes images and links them together, allowing you to keep track of cool things. Why: Pinterest has over 100 million users and has been around since 2010, but it's made a strong impression since it launched. Screenshot: Pinterest 10. Ownable Search Engine: It's a search engine that ranks sites by how you can own and control your own data. Why: Ownable puts the power back into the hands of users by giving them more control over how their data is used. Screenshot: Ownable 9. Reddit Search Engine: Reddit has become the most visited news website in the US. But even before that, it was an online community for discussing things and sharing the best memes. Why: Reddit is a huge, massive and funny community. Screenshot: Reddit 8. Amazon Search Engine: It's the website where you can buy almost everything. Why: Amazon is one of the most successful websites of all time, and Amazon is really good at selling almost anything. Screenshot: Amazon 7. Reddit Search Engine: It's a community that shares the best memes. Why: If you've ever come across a funny picture, meme or other piece of content, then Reddit has got it. Screenshot: Reddit 6. Facebook Search Engine: It's the place to connect, share and sell your social media. Why: If you think about it, Facebook has really taken over the world. Screenshot: Facebook 5. Line Search Engine: It's a messaging app with pretty high ratings for personal use. Why: Line is pretty popular in Japan and around Asia, and it's got high ratings for messaging too. Screenshot: Line 4. Pinterest Search




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